Download Quasi-Public Agency Data

For each fiscal year, there are thousands of data records for payments to an increasing number of vendors. As the Quasi-Public Agency spending information in the Open Checkbook is updated each month with new Quasi-Public Agency data, the files below are also updated. They reflect the granular spending details available through the Open Checkbook, but on a Quasi-Public Agency basis rather than for a particular vendor.

Vendor List: Lists the vendors paid and the amounts paid by fiscal year. Vendor Payment Details: Lists the details of individual payments by fiscal year, vendor, department, spending account, spending sub-category, fund, and other descriptive elements.

Download Data Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA)
Using the Download Files
The download files are in tab-delimited formats. They can be imported into data analysis tools such as Microsoft Access or can be converted to be displayed in spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel. They can be opened in older versions of Excel.